Network analytics for attribution, incident response, and high-performance computing.

The founding team at Voreas Laboratories has pioneered research in statistical analysis of large-scale security datasets, designed and created several security products used by telecommunications companies, and has investigated numerous security incidents over the last decade.

Why Voreas Labs

Network Analytics

Starting with DNS we map out and model global networks, within historical context, to quickly extract salient features from the long tail.

Adversarial Analysis and Attribution

Forensics and Incident Response. Voreas can help you identify existing gaps in your networks security defenses. Our DNS analytical platform can assist organizations identify the root of an attack and guide you in attribution efforts.

Custom HPC

Whether taking advantage of our existing global network visibility or bringing your own, we can apply advanced network comprehension to your dataset at scale.


Manos Antonakakis

Manos Antonakakis


Dr. Manos Antonakakis (PhD'12), is a co-founder of Voreas Laboratories Incorporated (VLI), holds the College of Engineering Dean's Professorship Chair and is an Associate Professor in Georgia Tech's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and is the co-director of the Center for Cyber Operations Enquiry and Unconventional Sensing (COEUS). He also leads the Astrolavos Lab, where his students conduct research in the areas of attack attribution, network security and privacy, intrusion detection, and data mining.

Dr. Antonakakis' research group's work has been publicized through news releases focused on faster detection and clean-up of network infections, monitoring of Internet of Things security, combosquatting, and analyzing network traffic to determine malware infection. Prior to joining the ECE faculty in 2013, he served as chief scientist at Damballa, where his research supported early threat detection and prevention tools. Antonakakis also worked for IBM/ISS and was a guest researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology - U.S. Department of Commerce.

Dr. Angelos Keromytis is President and co-founder of Voreas Laboratories Incorporated (VLI). He is also the John H Weitnauer Technology Transition Endowed Chair at Georgia Tech, co-director of the Center for Cyber Operations Enquiry and Unconventional Sensing (COEUS), a Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) Eminent Scholar, and an ACM and IEEE Fellow. Prior to Georgia Tech, he was a Program Manager with DARPA, where he created and managed cyber R&D programs for the Department of Defense, for which he received the DARPA Superior Public Service Medal. Prior to DARPA, he was a Program Director with the National Science Foundation and a professor of Computer Science at Columbia University.

Kenneth Kinion

Kenneth Kinion

Director, Research

Kenneth Kinion is the Director of Research for Voreas Laboratories Incorporated (VLI). With almost 20 years of professional experience with hardware, firmware, and software development, Kenneth has overseen the design, implementation, and rigorous testing of complex products spanning all levels of the technology stack. At VLI, Kenneth is responsible for taking whitepaper-level research projects and reducing them to practice with high quality and efficacy.